I love you, I’m bad

Ocean Deep – Cliff Richard (Lyrics)

“People admire my confidence, but they never see me when I’m alone. That’s when I’m the most raw because I’m not trying to sell myself to anybody.”
― J. Merridew, Teenage Idol

One hundred and eighty days;
praying for a little more.
I’m Bad.
I’ve been very mean; recurring
I should quit saying …
How was your day?
Did you eat well today?

I’ve been very mean
It’s hard for me to explain it
I should not be jealous;
watching someone’s arm around you
the overnight; coming home drunk
I think I over stepped;
I’m bad

I know it’s his birthday; he’s young.

I am toxic
I shouldn’t held back my sorry
I should keep you happy
keep riding your tandem
I should have kept my mouth shut
you said trust me
I should not worry

I love you
You have all the right to be happy
you are lucky to have friends
my inspiring you is a bit too much
I admit financially
I am not enough

I understand; your brother
school then was hectic
you need inspiration over at work
I understand the new inner clothes
It’s too much for me;
complaining my loneliness
they were just friends
you dancing with that few in the army; friends

My doctor assures you
do not worry
be patient
soon you’ll be happy
you deserve a little more empathy

I love you, I’m bad
©Ferrer Joey Palomar Fesico

©All Rights Reserved, Ferrer Joey Palomar Fesico

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